Framingham Historic Commission Demolition Bylaw

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The Groton Historical Commission, which is charged with the identification, documentation and preservation of the historical resources of Groton. The district or placards shall commence without symbol, functions under enabling legislation.

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Affirmative Maintenance Bylaws What is an Affirmative Maintenance Bylaw? To demolition bylaw or demolition.

Above: Former protesters gathered to celebrate news that the estate sale was cancelled to allow for discussion of preservation plans.

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In some communities, the local historic district commission and the local historical commission are combined into one commission.

CPA Committee is considering a twostep application process that would screen out projects that are inappropriate at the first level.

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The following section includes the stepstep process for decisimaking by the historic district commission.

Chimneys Proposed projects may include removal of a historic chimney, repointing the mortar, rebuilding an existing chimney, or adding a new chimney.

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An Archaeological Resource Protection ylaw is a general bylaw requiring a majority affirmative vote of town meeting or city council.

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